Welcome to the UNC Computational Genetics Working Group

Old Well Transcription FactorWe are a multidisciplinary research group focused on a new field of integrated biomedical research called systems genetics. Systems genetics is a non-reductionist field that was simply not practical even a few years ago: it relies on diverse multiscale and multiorgan phenotype data sets obtained from large segregating populations. System genetics is a biological science that relies on statistical methods, advanced computational algorithms, visualization, and high-performance computing. Systems genetics has the goal and potential to dissect and reassemble complex molecular and phenotypic networks in the context of natural genetic variation. Our group is a collaboration between members of the Departments of Biostatistics, Computer Science, Environmental Science and Engineering, and Genetics.


During the fall semester, the UNC Computational Genetics Working Group will hold its regular weekly group meetings on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00-5:30 pm in FB141 in Brooks Hall.


September, 2012
Completed major site maintenance (it hadn’t been changed in over 3 years)
March 4, 2009
UNC Compgen has begun construction on a pool of computational resources to support bioinformatics research and the collaborative cross. Over the next month we’ll be bringing online a large storage array of NAS disks to store large, terabyte-size datasets as well as a high performance compute cluster to support the tools developed at UNC for bioinformatics research.
December 5, 2008:
In January, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is moving its unique colony of 8,000 mice, known as the Collaborative Cross, to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (More information)
October 31, 2008:
Compgen.unc.edu has been replaced with a new server. Databases and websites should be functional again. Please contact hulbert@email.unc.edu if you are having trouble accessing any resources.
May 15, 2007:
CompGen member Prof. Wei Wang, 2007-2008 recipient of the Phillip & Ruth Hettleman Prize for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement, will be presenting her award lecture on Surfing the Data Flood at The Carolina Club from 2pm-4pm. Refreshments will be served.

Research Sponsors

EPA STAR RD832720: “Environmental Bioinformatics Research Center to Support Computational Toxicology Applications”

NSF IIS 0534580: “Visualizing and Exploring High-dimensional Data”

NSF IIS 0448392: “CAREER: Mining Salient Localized Patterns in Complex Data”

NSF IIS 0812464: ” III-Core: Discovering and Exploring Patterns in Subspaces”

NIH U01 CA105417: “Integrative Genetics of Cancer Susceptibility”

NIH U01 CA134240: ” Systems Genetics Research Consortium”

NIH GM 076468: “The Center for Genome Dynamics at Jackson Laboratory:
An NIGMS National Center of Systems Biology”

UCRF: “University Cancer Research Fund”

Microsoft Research Grant

Microsoft New Faculty Fellows

Join us!

If you have a problem related to systems biology or genetics, are in need of an analysis or visualization tool for your data, or you would like to join our research group, please contact Leonard McMillan via email ( Leonard's email) or Wei Wang via email (weiwang@cs.unc.edu).