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May 23, 2022

Welcome to the UNC Computational Genetics Wiki!
A cartoon of an example breeding funnel used to generate a single collaborative cross strain. Chromosomes of the eight founding strains are combined in the first three generations followed by 20 or more generations of inbreeding.

This Wiki is offered as a community resource for the discussion of all topics related to computational genetics. It is hosted and monitored by the University of North Carolina Computational Genetics Working Group. We invite anyone interested to contribute to this effort.

Visit the help page for information on how to add new content and edit existing pages. If you would like to experiment first feel free to try things out in our sandbox.

WikiAdmin 20:35, 20 March 2008 (UTC)


December 17 2012: Most csbio services are now back. Remember to use your cs login/password to login now. If you are connecting to a network drive from a Windows system, your login name is now <whatever>

I am aware of issues with the following services:

  • git server
  • signal database
  • gbrowse system
  • datasheets databases
  • ccstatus web systems/database
  • connecting to network drives from Macs running Mac OS 10.6.8
  • grid engine

December 14-16 2012: There will be a major system down-time for an OS upgrade and account migration, starting at noon on Friday, December 14. Csbio Linux systems (including fpmv-store) will be down for most of the weekend.

There will be 2 major components of this upgrade for Linux systems:

  1. An OS upgrade to Ubuntu 12.04
    • Current test systems include csbio-desktop001, 007, and 008.
    • Many software packages will get versions updates as part of this process, including Python and MySQL. You are encouraged to test your code on test systems to verify that the updated software doesn't cause problems with your code.
    • Per csbio policy, the local hard drives on all Linux systems will be erased. /csbio* filesystems on the fileservers will not be erased, but most other partitions including /playpen will be erased. Please make sure all critical files are copied elsewhere.
  2. Account migrations from Onyens to cs logins
    • When systems come back up after this migration, you will need to login with your cs login and password.
    • Some accounts for people who are no longer affiliated with csbio will be removed.
    • Ownership of all files will be updated. In order to reduce the amount of time this takes, please delete files that are no longer needed from the various network partitions (e.g. /csbiodata, /csbiohome)
    • The standard login shell for csbio systems has been bash. The standard login shell for cs systems has been tcsh. If you have customized your bash environment (with .bashrc, .bash_login, .bash_profile, etc.), you will either need to port your changes over to their tcsh equivalents or request that your cs login shell be changed to bash. Note that changing your cs login shell to bash will change your login shell on all cs machines, not just csbio systems. (If you have customized your cs login environment, you may need to port your .cshrc, .login, etc. files to their bash equivalents).

For Windows and Mac systems, minor OS patches will be applied. Some systems may be rebooted after 5PM to apply patches. Login procedures for Windows and Mac systems will not change.

July 17, 2009: The wiki and the main website are now using a unified password database. Therefore, you must register with the main website to create new user accounts or modify them. This includes password changes.



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